Whatever your requirements, SDM is well placed to offer you sensible solutions that will give you peace of mind, both now and in the future.

A personal and independent approach

A personal and independent approach


Using our financial services will assist you in the smooth management of certain problems which wealth can bring, giving you more time to enjoy your benefits.

By working with you and your dedicated professional advisors we will create a profile that is uniquely responsive to your needs and your familial and corporate requirements. You may rest assured that your assets are secure and completely managed by the most experienced financial specialists and institutions in the world.


We work with fully segregated accounts; this means that custody institutions have no rights in any case to claim your savings. The client's funds are separated from the company account.

SDM cannot use the client’s savings for its own profit. This is a fundamental difference with the banks that borrow your assets to increase profit.

Your money is safe with us. There is no credit risk.

Client assets are diversified and segregated over multiple approved institutions as stipulated by the law.