LS Value Equity

LS Value Equity

An equity fund that seeks capital growth over the long term with an emphasis on equity investments, without geographical or sectoral restrictions.

Our mission is simple: we want to provide all our clients a maximum return on their portfolio (given their personal risk profile). We seek for sustainable results that have a positive impact on your final result.

We look for transparency in portfolio management through acquiring individual positions of stocks and bonds. We favor this approach but this does not mean we do not invest in capitalizing equity funds.

Pro-active fund management

We respond to market opportunities and changing trends. Given the moment, we can decide to invest in more instruments; bonds, convertible bonds, options or cash. Given certain market conditions, we can decide to maintain a higher cash position than usual.

A broad and sectoral spread according to our typical value-management approach.

Our management approach is based on the principles of value-investing keeping a close eye for a 'margin of safety' in the areas of valuation, solvency, competitive advantage, dividends, management quality and corporate governance. This way, we ensure stability in your portfolio.

This means that the manager in his analysis first looks at the downside risk, and only then to the potential of the company, with adequate compensation for the risk incurred.

Long-term growth

We seek for long-term capital growth. The optimal investment period is 5 years.

LS Value Equity